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Hello and namaste. I am Natasha Zaslove, the founder of Starbright Astrology, a destination for those seeking guidance, wisdom and teachings based on the Vedic Astrology tradition of Jyotish.


I am a professional certified Vedic astrologer applying the wisdom of the cosmos to help understand and navigate the fluctuations of life. I first woke up to the power of astrology in 2007 while living in Sedona, Arizona when a spontaneous solar gazing experience illuminated the meanings of the planets.

I sought an astrology teacher to help me learn the basics. In 2008, I was vested by my Western teacher to do professional readings, and was fully booked on a daily basis in my burgeoning practice in Sedona.

Around that same time, I first met my Vedic astrology teacher Joni Patry at a conference in Sedona. As I was a long-time yoga teacher with an interest in Vedic studies, I was hooked and naturally gravitated to the rich and complex system of Vedic astrology. 

I worked a day job as a legal recruiter and then as a lawyer as I started at University of Vedic Astrology and began studying in earnest with Joni. I also began at that time to practice Vedic astrology exclusively and have been reading professionally in Jyotish since that time.


I believe strongly in Jyotish for its richness and accuracy. Vedic astrology helps illuminate one's life path and also is reliable for predictions and timing. I am a free will astrologer and in the spirit of the great sage and Vedic astrologer Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri firmly believe we can overcome weaknesses in our chart, and manifest positive outcomes despite -- or perhaps because of -- the planets. The knowledge we gain through Vedic astrology can help us live a better, happier, more purposeful and directed life and manifest our desires.

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