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I am Natasha Zaslove, an astrologer trained in the Vedic tradition also known as Jyotisha (literally, "science of light"). With its roots in ancient India, Vedic astrology is itself a multi-tool system to illuminate the soul's purpose and an individuals dharmas/karmas and nadhi, or soul purpose. 

It is a privilege to provide this service, especially at this time when the light of the world can seem dim -- know that your soul's light is meant to shine brightly, and Jyotish is a helpful tool to remove the barriers to shining full beam. 


Vedic Astrology sessions with Natasha are 1 hour ($150) or 1.5 hours ($200). 

Full Natal Reading

This is an excellent option for first time readings. The session will illuminate the general nature and purpose of this life and will address specific questions such as career path and relationship. 

The Year Ahead

This session is perfect for insights into the upcoming year. I use the annual Varshiphal chart as well as the transits (both Prashara and Jaimini), to provide insights into the themes and focus of the year ahead. 

Compatability and Specific Questions

This session is used to hone in on a specific question or issue that you may be facing at this time. Excellent for those trying to make an important life decision, including marriage, move, career/job or family. 

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